Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Parts 3,4 and 5

I grow tired of this series...

The last 3 pet peeves are

3. Things that break right after you buy them (even under normal use).

Just because a pair of sunglasses only costs $15, does it really mean that it's only allowed last for little more than a week?

4. Being interuppted.

Is there a bigger sign of disrespect. I understand if it happens accidentally, but when someone blatently cuts you off, there's no excuse.

5. Repeating myself.

Yes, yes, I know. A guy complaining about repeating himself that chooses to work in a call center. Well, I didn't really "choose" it, I really don't enjoy it, and I'll be done with it as soon as I possibly can be.

There you have it. Now we can start talking about something productive.

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