Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well it's day three here at camp and the Jr. High drama is starting to hit the fan. It seems like almost yesterday that I was there, living it out myself.

Yesterday was a sad day. A newly acquired friend of the band here at camp was asked to go home for certain reasons that will go unmentioned. If you're reading this man, I hope you're doing well and make sure to keep in touch. I apologize on behalf of all the fake bands out there and hope that you can see what really is important in this life.

The girls here at camp are being girls. Not much more can be said about that. If you've ever spent much time around Jr. High girls, you know what I'm talking about. They're great though. I can't complain.

Overall, The Zone, here in Illinois has been an awesome time, and we're only half way through. The weather has been awesome and the food is really good. It's a good thing these kids are so active or I'd put on a lot of weight, really fast.

Can't say I've slept a whole lot though. That's my own fault. We tried to hit the hot tub last night after all the kids were in their rooms. The water was clear, so that was good, unfortunately, it was more of a luke-warm tub than a hot one. We lasted about 5 minutes and called it good.

Tonight we play an actual rock concert, so that should be fun. It also means another late night, followed by another early morning. Thankfully there is coffee within arms reach almost 24/7.

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