Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 Big Announcements (Finally)

The time has finally come for the long awaited (at least long awaited by me) 3 big announcements post. I was hoping to do them as part of my 100th blog posting, but I felt the passing of Michael Shada was worthy enough to take its place. If you haven’t read that post, I would encourage you to do so. Aside from that, here are my 3 big announcements.

1. Bible Give-Away

I will be hosting a blog tour on November 5th here at joshkidney.blogspot to review the Holy Bible Mosaic. One of the contributors to Holy Bible Mosaic will actually check in with my blog on November 5th to answer any questions that people may have. If you stop by and leave a comment, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free copy of Holy Bible Mosaic. My first ever giveaway! I'm hoping more people stop by than just my mom, but if not, mom will be the one taking home the new Bible.

2. New Blog

I’ve debated starting a new blog for a while now. I enjoy writing, and a blog is the perfect outlet, but for a long time I struggled with the idea what to write. After a wide range of ideas, I finally I sat down and hammered out what topic I’m passionate about and would be willing to devote and entire blog to. I realized the thing I enjoy writing about the most is Personal Finance and Time Management. I also realized that most people would find this very boring which is why I’ll be writing those articles on a completely separate blog. I’ll let you know the title and web address as soon as I have the look perfected.

3. India

After a life-changing trip to Ukraine in May with Faceless International, I realized that I’m very much called to the Human Trafficking cause. To help broaden my perspective I’m teaming up once again with Faceless to take a trip to India in January. I will be blogging throughout the trip and would love if you stopped in occasionally to see what the team and I are up to. I would love it even more if you were to become passionate about the Human Trafficking cause yourself and began taking steps to help us rid the world of such a tragedy. You could start by signing this petition.

Stay tuned for a couple book reviews to be posted shortly. One on a book about the true nature of Satan and another on by one of my favorite athletes of all time, George Foreman (I loved him even before the grill).

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Ron Gehrke II said...

Didn't know you were headed to India. That's great, I am excited to that you are going.