Tuesday, January 12, 2010

India Photos 1

The internet is lightening fast this morning. Here's the first batch of photos. I'm going to try and upload some more.

Sitting on the runway in Newark.

Some of the group in the Delhi airport.

A McDonalds in the Hyderabad airport. There was no beef on the menu.

Sreet vendor food in Hyderabad.

Our welcome banner.

Just one example of the amazing food we're being served here.

Josh and Preem's birthday party.

The view from our hotel window in Vizag.

One of the village girls caring for her little sister.

The tribal dance.

Cassie and Patty handing out crayons and lollipops to the kids.

The kids love getting their picture taken.

One of the nicer mud houses in the village.

Some of the awesome scenery around the villages.

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