Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Next Adventure

Wow. Long time, no updates. As usual it's been very busy recently but it's all been good. I'm writing from the Kanas City airport as we are waiting to board the plane to Newark. From Newark we will meet the rest of our group and then head out to India tomorrow night.

If you think about it, keep us in your thoughts and prayers, most notably for our health. New countries with new food and different sanitation can cause some interesting problems. Whatever India may hold for us though, we're very excited.

I will try and blog as frequently as possible, but who knows what type of internet connection we may have.

In related news, I will be experiencing a phenomenon most may never experience in their lifetime, a 12 hour birthday. As I will be in flight during my birthday and flying across several time zones, January 9th will only last about 12 hours for me.

"Josh and Mindy at KCI Airport with the snowy airport landscape reflecting off Josh's sunglasses."

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