Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Derailed" by Tim Irwin

“Derailed” by Tim Irwin, is a great read for anyone interested in business and leadership and shines a bright light on the pride and greed that seems to have defined much of Corporate America. Irwin takes a microscope to several recent CEO catastrophes as well as their glaring causes and his insight is very valuable, especially for those pursuing leadership. One of the more poignant profiles for me was that of Carly Fiorina and her epic failure at HP, especially considering her current bid for a seat on the Senate. While the book is not political in nature, I couldn’t help but laugh a little harder at her recent on-camera gaffe not to mention question how effective she may be in Government.

The CEOs who Irwin profiled were all very talented, intelligent, and charismatic people, but the book proves that without the proper motivation, morals, and focus, even those with the strongest outward characteristics can fail miserably.

In summary, the lessons taught in “Derailed” can be applied not only in our pursuit of personal betterment and leadership but also in guiding us in the selection of those who we put in leadership.

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