Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cyclops Gorilla

You may have noticed my new logo.

The Cyclops Gorilla has come to embody my current mindset. If it had a tag line, it would be "Put muscle behind your vision." I've come to appreciate hard work and intense focus and I feel these qualities are lacking in a lot of unhappy people. They were absolutely lacking in my life when I was the most unhappy. Discovering them allowed me to make a complete *360.

I was going to start a separate Cyclops Gorilla blog, but figured I'd give everyone the whole story instead of the glossed over version. When you need a good laugh, take a look at my older posts. They're a little embarrassing (so dramatic!), but they got me here, so they might be good for something.

(I had the Cyclops Gorilla commissioned by and absolutely love it. Be warned, not all of his artwork is family friendly).

*The correct expression is "Complete 180" as my fact check Jared Totten has pointed out. :)


Jared Totten said...

Heads up, bro! Glad you're blogging again, always enjoy hearing updates from you, but a 360 is a full circle and back to where you started from. I believe you mean 180.

Feel free to delete this comment once you've made your change. :)

Josh said...

Hey, errors and everything. That's how I roll :)