Monday, June 23, 2014

The First Five

Every weekday my alarm goes off at 4:00 am. Getting out of bed is tough, but the biggest challenge lies ahead. As I'm walking down the stairs to let the dogs out and start the coffee, the temptation to collapse on the couch and sleep for two more hours is miserably unbearable.

I will admit, there have been many times I've given in and gone back to sleep, but one day, after an unusually tough battle, I had a breakthrough. I realized the extreme temptation to go back to sleep only lasted for about five minutes. As soon as I made it through the first five minutes, I felt fine; ready to take on the day.

Once I figured this out, it became much easier to motivate myself to keep going. While my body tries to convince me I'll be miserably tired for the rest of the day, my brain knows it's only going to last five minutes, and powering through five minutes isn't that difficult.

I think this rule may apply to lot of things. The first five words of a conversation, the first five steps of a jog, the first five reps of a workout, the first five lines of a book. 

Break through the resistance and most challenges aren't as tough as they seem.

That being said, I'm taking the first steps of a personal journey starting today. I'll have more details to follow. Needless to say, it'll be both exciting and extremely challenging.

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