Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That's my secret Captain...

Losing weight is tough.

It doesn't start out that way. The first week is awesome. You feel great, you're eating healthy, you made it to the gym a couple times, and you've finally made the decision to change your life for the better.

Then week 2 hits and you start to second guess yourself. You find the Oreos in the pantry and think "Is weight loss really that important? Will an unscheduled cheat set me back that much?" You struggle, but you persevere.

Then the third week comes and a coworker brings donuts to the office. This time the temptation is like nothing you've felt before. Your vision turns red, you picture yourself devouring handful upon handful of fried dough, and even imagine tossing coworkers out of your way to get to those sugary, fatty carbs. This is the pivotal moment. Do you control yourself or transform into the Hulk?

There will be several Hulk moments in your weight loss journey. Your brain wants to feed its addiction, so it makes you to believe you'll never survive unless you give in; that eating healthy will always feel like this. It won't. It gets better. Much better.

Even though my weight loss transformation took place several years ago, I still remember the Hulk moments with great clarity. Every time I fought them off, they made me stronger. These days, eating healthy is a habit and easy to maintain. The Hulk still comes out from time to time, but only when I say he can. With some work, the same can be said for you.

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