Monday, September 1, 2014


I woke up early this Labor Day morning to do yoga with my team, only to find that my car wouldn't start. Add this to the long list of annoyances that have occurred recently and it's easy to get frustrated. 

I feel like a car that's been driven a little too hard. A curb check here, a pothole there, another speed bump taken too quickly, and now my wheels no longer work together cooperatively. My steering wheel is shuddering, it's difficult to drive in a straight line, and the rubber on the tires is starting to wear thin. In times like these it's tempting to get down on myself. "You should be stronger than this," I think, but then I remember that life is like a car. Sometimes I've got to take it to the shop to get it realigned.

For me, realignment means getting consistent with my workouts, getting my diet back on track, reducing TV time, writing more, playing more music, getting back to church, and tackling some projects I've been procrastinating. I wish I was 100% consistent with these things, but in the same way there will never be a maintenance-free car, there will certainly never be a maintenance-free life.

Not my car.

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