Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My opinion on opinions

I have a strategy for when it comes to sharing opinions. It's simple. I pretend that Mike Tyson is standing in front of me and holds the opposite opinion.

For example: "The iPhone is the best phone in the world and anyone who uses Android is an idiot" (when Mike Tyson absolutely loves his Android)...

My stated opinion quickly changes to "I like the iPhone."

Let's say Mike Tyson posts a video of his new puppy and I think it's ugly. In the comments I post 

"j***s f**k! that is one ugly a** dog" (This is an actual comment I copied off of youtube after pulling up the first "cute puppy" video I could find).

I very quickly do not post a comment (and somehow the world keeps turning).

I absolutely hold opinions that I'm willing to take a Mike Tyson punch for, but not many, and if an opinion isn't worth taking a punch for, I'm not doing the world a disservice by keeping it to myself. 

*If you (I'm hoping you're not Mike Tyson) would like to punch me for the opinion I have just shared, feel free to come to Mick Doyle's Gym in Omaha, NE to do so. But be forewarned, I punch back (unless you're Mike Tyson).


Mick Doyle Gym said...

I would punch Mike Tyson if he showed up here!..that is after I kicked his leg a few times first

Josh said...

Then it's settled. If Mike Tyson shows up, I'll leave him to you :)